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Welcome to the TSGrid documentation

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Quickstart guide

The quickest way to learn TSGrid. We use the example of recording visit to a website to walk you through the steps needed to install TSGrid, create a database, ingest and query data.


The background to the project, why TSGrid was developed, suitable use cases etc.

Key concepts

TSGrid is not a relational database, so it's important you understand the concepts relating to this time series database. Please don't skip this section as it's quite important! :)


We admit this section is currently a bit light but it should be enough to get you started. We will be adding more examples (docker, aws etc) soon.

Creating a database

Learn how to create a database, the properties that can and must be set etc.

Inserting (and deleting) data

A database with no data is not much use!


Learn how to perform queries that aggregate on the meter/sensor and the temporal axis.

Backup and restoring a database

TSGrid supports snapshots. Learn how to take a snapshot of a live database and restore from a previous snapshot.

Dropping a database

It's just a simple HTTP call!