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TSGrid is a JVM based application (written in Scala). It makes use of some native code (RocksDB library and others). We have successfully tested TSGrid on Mac OSX and Linux. For production use we recommend a stable *Nix distribution.

System requirements

  • OSX, BSD or Linux
  • JDK 8 or 11


There are known bugs in versions of OpenJDK 11 prior to 11.06. We therefore recommend running on the latest 11.06+ version if using OpenJDK


Download the binary from our Github repository. Look for the releases page and download a TSGrid-xxx.dist.tar.gz or archive

Binary install

  1. Install a suitable JDK and set the JAVA_HOME environment variable
  2. Extract the TSGrid-xxx.dist.tar.gz or archive
  3. Set the TSGRID_ROOT_DB environment variable e.g. /var/tsgrid_db
  4. Run the bin/tsgrid-server script
  5. You should see output similar to this in your console:
[info] o.h.b.c.nio1.NIO1SocketServerGroup INFO    - Service bound to address /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:8080
[info] o.h.server.blaze.BlazeServerBuilder INFO    -
[info]   _   _   _        _ _
[info]  | |_| |_| |_ _ __| | | ___
[info]  | ' \  _|  _| '_ \_  _(_-<
[info]  |_||_\__|\__| .__/ |_|/__/
[info]              |_|
[info] o.h.server.blaze.BlazeServerBuilder INFO    - http4s v0.21.2 on blaze v0.14.11 started at http://[::]:8080/


There are many other deployment options for TSGrid including daemon mode, docker, kubernetes etc.